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"Campokart Shopping" is a young enterprise established between 2018-2019 to provide services and related Technology, Consultancy Services, Sales and other related business. campokart creates an excellent reputation in the industry through constantly exceeding our customers expectations, our exceptional quality and service and on-time delivery.

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The aforesaid parties being of Sound-mind are desirous of forming themselves into partnership for the purpose of running a business in campokart.in for selling products like consumer products, old and new books except the medicine, foods and its related products. If any violation of sales of products or any other concern the board of directors of campokart.in and fieldgroup.in does not have any responsible.

Campokart Shopping,

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Email: campokartshopping@gmail.com


1. W.A.Augusteen

2. A. Alwinraj

3. A.Arivalagun

4. M. Raviraj

5. M. Divya Neela

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